Brian Sandro - Known to most as "Drosan," Brian heads CPX, one of the most powerful ripping groups in The Scene. Brian has earned his reputation as a major player by attracting content sources, building relationships, and maintaining airtight security.

Teflon - Tef is the number two man in CPX. He is responsible for operations and source acquisition and he is Brian's closest friend. Although no one knows how old he is (none of the members of CPX have ever met in person) Tef is regarded by the group as "the old man"

Pyr0 - Pyr0 is CPX's encoder. He is responsible for creating the enormous DVD-quality files that get replicated millions of times all over the world. Pyr0 has a big mouth and a short fuse, but his childish demeanor belies a finely honed technical expertise.

Slipknot - Slip is responsible for affiliations. He creates relationships with other ripping groups that broaden CPX's distribution and add to its mystique. A true introvert (even online) Slip commands the respect of his peers - even those with whom he doesn't see eye to eye.

C0da - C0da is the courier. His job is to gather the group's encoded files and distribute them to their affiliates. Moody and given to pouting, C0da is proud of the fact that he isn't an American. The prevailing opinion in CPX is that he is from Norway.

Melissa - Dating Brian Sandro requires patience, but even Melissa's substantial reserves are tapped by her boyfriend's secrecy and late nights in front of the computer.

Trooper - One of CPX's hottest sources. Trooper works in a DVD pressing plant in LA, which gives him access to lots of "product". In return, CPX gives Trooper access to servers that contain terabytes of pirated material. It's a marriage of convenience, and neither side knows how long it will last.

Luckychi2203 - A contact of Brian's who presumably lives somewhere in Asia, LuckyChi is the conduit for a consortium that sells pirated hardcopies of DVDs and CDs. This practice of selling pirated "product" is odious to most Sceners, but to Brian's dismay, he finds himself increasingly tempted by the prospect.

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