6 Marketing Trends for Dermatologists


Customers are constantly evolving, which means that their needs, behaviors, and interactions are always changing. Keeping up with these changes is imperative to maintaining a loyal client base, and as a service-based business, dermatology clinics thrive when clients keep coming back for more.

The digital era has brought about a lot of changes when it comes to marketing, and it is no different in the field of dermatology. With that in mind, here are some of the best marketing strategies that can help dermatology clinics flourish in this highly competitive digital age:

1. Valuable blog content

Blogs are nothing new, but they remain as some of the best marketing tools for dermatology clinics and practically every other business out there. However, a blog becomes more powerful when applied in the business of dermatology. Since a client won’t just trust anyone with their skin, a blog rich with valuable content can increase trust and establish credibility, especially when the content is written by a dermatologist.


However, ‘valuable’ is the keyword here. Website visitors can spot if a business is posting blogs just for the sake of posting. That said, dermatology clinics and other healthcare businesses should invest in content creation that actually brings value to their audiences, not just for the purpose of advertising services or making a website look more ‘complete.’

2. Video content

In the US alone, there are 239 million people who watch videos online, and the watch time of an average person is at 87 minutes per day. Considering these statistics, creating video content could be an excellent marketing strategy for a dermatology clinic–and not just promotional content either.

These days, people look for more value in online videos. Thus, dermatology businesses can create video content that shows how cosmetic procedures are done. Some dermatologists even promote on Tiktok (a popular video app) to show viewers ‘satisfying’ pimple popping and Whitehead removal; types of content that wouldn’t fly five or ten years ago. Posting videos on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram is also an excellent way to bring easily digestible media to viewers that can, in turn, increase brand awareness and bring more clients in.

3. Influencer marketing

Most influencers use their beauty to gain huge followings, which makes them great candidates for advertising dermatology clinics. Moreover, finding the right people to advertise the business is not that difficult. With a quick Google search and a little bit of social media profile stalking, dermatology clinics can find influencers in their area that could help them expand their client base.

influencer marketing

Influencers can get paid actual money for promotional work, but dermatology businesses can offer free services in exchange for marketing. Moreover, businesses can also send PR packages to influencers, who will then advertise the business’ products to their followers.

4. Social media stories

social media

Social media stories on Facebook and Instagram can be used as advertising space, specifically for micro-ads. App users will see the ads while tapping through their friends’ stories, which means that they are less likely to intentionally skip the ad from the get-go. At the same time, social media stories are easily digestible content and can easily lead a viewer to the business’s page with a single swipe.

5. Transparency

Nowadays, people want businesses to be transparent about their products and services. And for a dermatology clinic that takes care of people’s bodies, transparency in marketing is a highly effective way to establish trust and credibility.

For instance, a dermatology clinic can promote the types of products they use for certain procedures, where these products come from, and the ingredients that they contain. With the continuous increase of environmental mindfulness among consumers, knowing where products come from, whether they are fair trade, and if they are made from ethically sourced ingredients can serve as a great marketing tactic.

6. Shareable content

When a person sees something they like on their timeline, their next actions could be liking the post, following the page, sharing the content, or scrolling past it. The first three options are excellent for online engagement, but the last one is the best for brand awareness. So to increase the chances of viewers actually interacting with the content, dermatology clinics should invest resources in creating media that people would actually want to share on their timelines or stories, as well as send to their friends through DMs.

sharing in social media

The field of commercial dermatology is highly competitive. Hence, any dermatology business needs to stay on top of the latest marketing trends if they want to keep up or surpass their competitors, starting with the ones mentioned above.

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