After-Wedding Jitters: Start Your Own Life by Moving Out

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Not all newlyweds have the freedom to move out of the house they shared with their parents immediately after they tie the knot. You’ve just had an expensive wedding reception, so your funds are probably depleted and any plans to move out may be put on hold. This is a tough call to make for couples who want to start their married life on a good note.

Fortunately, you don’t really have to postpone any plans for buying a house. That is if you do the following:

Consider a Starter Home

You’re not dreaming too big if you’re thinking of a house that can accommodate your family in the future. While that future isn’t here yet, it’s in your best interest to be realistic. That means checking different companies to find the best mortgage rate in Salt Lake City instead of just letting your imagination run wild while delaying important decisions for now. You may be stuck in the mindset that you will move out someday into your dream house, but to get there, you have to start with baby steps. While a starter home may be smaller than what you had in mind, if it is adequate for your present needs and you can afford it, only your own doubts are stopping you from moving out.

Prepare for Independence

Even if it’s not the financial issue that’s holding you back, you may not feel ready to move out because it means you will do things by yourself. You tell yourself that it will happen, but you never do anything to actually make it happen. It might become a source of strain in your marriage, especially if you are living in your parents’ house and your spouse feels limited by this arrangement. You’ll only manage to live by yourself if you prepare for it.

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But how, you ask? Start with small things, such as deciding on home-related purchases by yourself. All your life your parents have had to pay for the bills but now you can start to chip in. You should also be doing your own laundry and making regular appearances in the kitchen. And don’t just do these out of obligation. Find happiness in running the house so that you will be excited about having your own space and making all the decisions yourself.

Get Advice

Whether you need a financial planner to help you deal with your finances and save enough for the down-payment or you need to pay back some debt to improve your credit score, there’s an expert willing to help. For problems that are more personal, such as your relationship with your parents and your spouse, you may want to consider a therapist. If you think it’s cold feet and the fear that your house will be a mess, perhaps your own parent can give you some advice. Whatever it is you are afraid of, conquer it and face this new chapter of your life head-on.

You were sure about the wedding but you didn’t get far when it comes to thinking about what will happen next. Now, it’s time to learn how to build your own family from the ground up.

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