Bring Back the Fun: 3 Ways to Make Your Workout Routines a Little Less Boring

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Sticking to a workout routine is so hard, especially once you’ve hit the inevitable dilemma: boredom. When exercise isn’t that fun anymore, it’s easy to slip back to the old habits, going sedentary and skipping the gym altogether. But that’s not what you want to do, do you? Giving up on that dream of getting ripped abs and losing a few pounds? No, you can’t stop trying. Bring back the fun in your routines and make your exercises less boring by following these few tips:

Introduce different exercises now and then.

One of the main reasons people get bored on their workouts is because they keep doing the same things over and over again. They start in the treadmill, running 3 miles in half an hour, maintaining the same distance and time three months later. This is the surest, quickest way to dislike something you’ve once loved doing. You need to change up your routines every once in a while. As trainers suggest, every after four weeks. After spending a month on the treadmill, perhaps you can try doing CrossFit. This high-intensity exercise may just be what you need to power up your sleeping, weary, bored self. Knock yourself out in the many activities you’ll do (endure) in this program. To make the most of it, commit to a CrossFit trainer; Fremont fitness centers are home to some of the most experienced coaches, so you might want to check out local gyms in the area.

Change up your workout style.

In the same way, you’re adding variation to your routines, this should be your priority as well in your work out style. When before you love working out alone, why don’t you try exercising with a friend now? It could be your bonding activity every week, instead of munching on chips while doing a movie marathon. An exercise partner would make a good impact on your fitness regimen, given that there will be someone who can check on you, come with you to the gym, and drag you from the couch when you’re feeling sluggish. On the flip side, if you’ve always been the type to go social on your routines, signing up in classes or whatnot, try doing things alone now. Perhaps the alone time can make you more mindful in your routines, and help you rediscover your exercise drive. If you’ve always been a night owl, exercising after work hours, perhaps you can try shifting into an early bird, and then vice versa. The bottom line is, change up your workout style.

Stimulate your senses.

man drinking water after exercisePlug in your earphones and pump up the music. According to a study, listening to songs can make you enjoy exercise more. Music can increase the beta waves in the brain and therefore put people into a more positive emotional state. So, before hitting the treadmill, part of your preps should be creating your pumped-up playlist. Aside from listening to music, you can also tickle your sight. Watch your favorite TV show while exercising. This can help distract you from workouts. Half an hour of eyes fixed to the TV, and you won’t notice you’ve run 5 miles already.

Bring Back the Fun

Workouts need not be boring. They can be fun. They should be enjoyable. Remember these tactics to bust out of that boredom rut.

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