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Millennials are known for their reputations as achievement-oriented, extremely ambitious, and confident. Being young and having an open mind that can adapt to the fast-changing world has its many benefits. When harnessed properly, these characteristics could open doors of limitless possibilities.

If you are somewhere in your 20s, do what you must and dedicate the best years of your lives to building a solid future. Here, we will guide you in deciding which business venture is the best for a millennial like you.

Computer Repair Service

Almost everyone nowadays owns either a laptop or a desktop computer. In fact, 81% of households in the United States have a handheld computer. And since many of us are now working at home thru these electronics, there is also a growing demand for computer-related services such as repair.

This is a beautiful business idea for young people because they are naturally good with technology and almost anything related to electronic gadgets. Starting a home-based and independent computer repair service doesn’t require huge capital. However, you should have above average knowledge in:

  • Hardware Repair – need when the computer experiences voltage spikes, structural issues, and power faults. It also includes repairs for external parts like a keyboard, mouse, computer screen, and webcam.
  • Virus Removal – A majority of computers will stop functioning if there is a virus or malware. As a technician, you should be able to remove the virus without compromising the data stored on the computer
  • Data Recovery – recover accidentally deleted data
  • Network and Troubleshooting Problems – repair and format the computer so it will properly connect to the internet
  • Maintenance Service – a routine update of software and firewall

Some owners may be familiar with these, but they still need professional help to ensure a proper repair.

Hand-Made Gifts

There is nothing sweeter and more thoughtful than a customized and personalized gift. If you have the knack for creating wonderful things with your hands, then this could be the best business for you. Making a profit from hand-made gifts doesn’t require a bachelor’s degree. You can begin looking on the internet for ideas or just completely rely on your imagination. Either way, there is profit in Instagram and Pinterest worthy gifts.

If you only want a part-time job, you can utilize the demand during holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s Day. You can also supply personalized hand-made gifts on important life events such as christening, birthdays, anniversaries, debut, and weddings.

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Pet Sitting Services

Pet sitting is a growing industry on its own because many animal owners share a common sentiment: they can not leave their homes because no one will attend to the needs of their pet/s. If you are a natural pet lover, you can meet this demand by offering sitting services.

Your focus is to provide all-around animal care while their owners are away. The highlights of your service include feeding the pets and taking them on walks. Pets are proven to be therapeutic, so this business can also be good for your health.

Many animal care services can be done at the comfort of your own home. If you have a spacious backyard, it’s a plus because you can use it as an exercise area for pets. Though you will not be spending money for the location, you still need to purchase liability insurance specific for pet sitters. This type of coverage normally costs somewhere between USD 200 to USD 300 per year.

Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing is the current trend in the world of advertising. Many companies are now switching from traditional media to internet-focused campaigns to reach a wider range of customers and potential clients.

Being a millennial will give you an edge in this industry because you are extremely familiar with digital marketing platforms such as Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Unlike other businesses, it is not too hard to build a digital marketing company from scratch. However, you need to be familiar with digital marketing aspects such as Service Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-per-click Marketing (PPC), email marketing campaigns, building online funnels, and graphic design. You also need to have an admirable portfolio that contains:

  • Headlines
  • Snippets
  • Client testimonials
  • In-depth case studies
  • Upcoming goals for your existing and potential clients

Content Creation

Yes, there is income in making videos and blogs. Many are becoming Internet sensations and ‘influencers’ because they can earn money while doing what they love. Youtube is the main platform many content creators are utilizing nowadays. This media-streaming giant pays individuals based on the number of views of their videos and subscription on their channels. Other social media platforms that you can explore for income are Facebook and TikTok.

Starting this business doesn’t require huge capital. You can begin your career with just a phone with a camera, proper audio, and lighting and editing apps. When thinking of what content to post, you have to consider the age group you will be targeting.

Research about the common trend and what interests them the most. You can always expand your audience along the way as you build your brand.

Age should not be an issue when it comes to success. You can be young and wise at the same time as long as you set your goals straight and work on them. There are countless possibilities out there, so don’t let anyone dim your bright light. Remember, aim high and strive hard.

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