Choosing the Right Type of PBX System for Your Business

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All kinds of businesses need an efficient phone system for their internal and external communication needs. If you are a business owner who needs a phone system for your growing business needs, then you should consider availing a small business PBX phone system. Before that, you should know what it is all about, its different types, and the best one that will suit your business.

Should you use a PBX phone system?

Using a personal phone line for your business can be impractical, especially if your business venture is continuously growing. Your personal and business contacts may get mixed up and can cause confusion on your part. This is how a PBX phone system can help you and your growing business.

For starters, a PBX is short for private branch exchange and serves as a centralized phone system for a business or organization. Traditional phone lines usually connect a call directly to another phone line. However, the PBX connects all of the phone lines into one system and then assign specific calls to a specific receiver.

Back then, PBX systems were popular as PMBX (private manual branch exchange) and were manually managed by an operator. As the years passed, this phone system has become automated and easier to use. Some PBX systems used the Internet instead of the usual phone networks.

Using a PBX phone system can provide several benefits for a business. For one, it serves as a centralized phone line and provides a streamlined business communication instead of having individual numbers for each employee. In effect, businesses can save money since you will only need one main number to connect all phone calls. It can also benefit customers since they only have to remember one number when they need to call a company.

Some PBX systems also use the Internet to connect phone calls. On the other hand, using traditional phone networks may be affordable as well but can be complicated to set up. Lastly, companies with PBX systems look and feel more professional than those without it.

Types of PBX systems

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As mentioned, there are different types of PBX systems that will suit an organization’s communication needs. Among these include the following.


It is a type of VoIP system that uses the Internet to connect calls instead of traditional phone lines. It is said to be more practical and cost-efficient since it won’t need complicated tools and equipment to operate.

Traditional PBX

This uses traditional phone lines that are subscribed to a phone company. It can also offer a reliable communication line and superb voice call quality. This type of system may be more suitable for small business with existing wiring.

Hosted PBX

This is a type of IP PBX that is managed by an off-site service provider. It offers lower costs and is easier to scale as compared to on-site PBX systems. Maintenance should also not be a major problem since the third-party provider will take care of that.

Each PBX system offers features that can benefit your business needs. Contact an IT expert to help you choose the best type of PBX system according to your requirements.

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