How to Save Failed Attempt at Digital Transformation

Going digital concept

We are living in a time where technology is rampant, and almost everything can be done using our laptops or mobile phones. Because of the wide use of technology and the Internet, businesses scrambled to meet the changing trends in consumer behavior.

Now, everything is going digital. Most businesses today, whatever industry they may be, whether selling light bars for trucks, delivering personal services, food industries, etc. are undertaking transactions through the Internet. Physical shops are beginning to translate their services to be relevant to the online world. Research presents that more than 50% of “retail, financial services, and healthcare organizations” have officially undertaken digital transformation efforts.

Digitalization is a very crucial aspect of operating a business. Sometimes, it might even be a necessary act for survival. But many companies suffer from failed attempts at digital transformation. This can be caused by many factors, like underestimating the complexity of the process, failure to set goals and meet timelines, focusing on the wrong aspects of digitalization, inability to meet changing demands, and several other causes.

But a failed digitalization attempt should not bring you down. The journey of digital transformation is a complex, rigid, and complicated one. And often, it takes a second try before businesses begin to succeed in digitalizing their operations.

So you’re a business owner who saw a failed digital transformation initiative. What next? Well, try again. But this time with a different approach. Here are ways you can rise back and pursue a renewed digitalization initiative.

Set Goals

Perhaps the problem with your previous digitalization attempt started in this step—goal setting. Many businesses just dive into the process without bothering to set goals and timelines. Without goals, there will be no guide that will steer the direction of the project. You’ll put in so much work, effort, and even spend a huge amount of corporation funds only to find yourself running around in circles without achieving anything.

Goal setting is important. Ask yourself what short term and long term results you want to achieve and how you’re going to get there. Identify the steps you took in the past and determine whether you need them to achieve the goals you’ve set. This will direct your efforts towards achieving specific objectives and consequently getting actual results.

Spot Issues

Take a look back at your past attempt and try to figure out what went wrong. To address the problem, you have to find it first and understand how it’s affecting your initiative. Having an understanding of the specific issues underlying your efforts will enable you and your team to craft steps and solutions to solve them.

Add Value

Now, this is where most businesses begin to backslide. With the excitement of going digital, often, companies tend to force their products into the market. But these businesses are missing out on a crucial aspect of digitalization: adding value.

What do people need? What do you have that can help your consumers? Answering these questions can help you know your target market more and adjust your transformation initiative in a way that would suit them. Improving customer experience is the main thrust in digital transformation.


Going digital concept

Digital transformation is a continuous process. It doesn’t stop. Businesses must continue to innovate, change, and improve to meet the demands of time. Or else, you’ll get left behind.

New knowledge, ideas, and technology keep popping up year by year. And business owners must take advantage of that. The top companies are the ones that constantly innovate and offer something new.

Technology has taken over many aspects of our daily lives to the point that even businesses need to keep up with technology to survive. Digital transformation is one of those endeavors companies should and must enter into to meet consumer demands better. But it’s not an easy undertaking. Nevertheless, with the right attitude, determination, and game plan, it can be done.

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