Learning to Code Might Not Be a Bad Idea

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Getting a programming job isn’t as difficult as it seems. Almost everyone can learn to code and there are several reasons to do so.

No Degrees Required

Training in a programming language or system like Cisco only takes a few weeks. You can drag out your training by going to community college. However, on-site training workshops from companies such as Lumos Consulting Inc. are a better option. Most programming workshops are updated on the latest systems and your instructors will be some of the best in the field.

Workshops will also provide more networking options, allowing you to find work almost immediately upon getting your CCNA certification. You can even access workshops that provide specialized instruction like Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI), Security Core (SCOR), cloud integration, and many others.

High Demand

Companies are always in need of programmers and systems analysts. Most companies have understaffed IT teams, making companies a little more flexible. Programmers and analysts are sometimes hired even if the company uses a different system, knowing that your experience in programming will allow you to more easily learn a new system. Companies may sometimes train programmers on a different system or environment so that they can integrate him/her into their IT teams. This is especially true of large corporations as their future expansion will require new systems.

Good Wages

On average, new systems analysts earn $68,000-$85,000 a year, passing $100,000 after 3-5 years on the job. Starting salaries rarely go below $60,000 and expect higher salaries in more urban locations. If your team is understaffed, overtime can further increase your earnings.

Most companies will prefer to retain their programmers instead of going through the process of training new ones. They will often offer additional bonuses or yearly raises to keep their personnel. Headhunting is also prevalent in the profession, so don’t be surprised if you get a few offers even after you start working.


Less Stress

Programmers, data analysts, and systems analysts are the least stressed workers in the USA. Working in front of a computer screen might not seem to be relaxing, but the lack of unnecessary social interactions eliminates a lot of stress. Normal office environments will usually have formal or informal hierarchies and doing little favors for the higher-ups can sometimes be unavoidable. In programming, it’s every man for himself and everyone has to do their own tasks independently. Programming jobs are especially suited for socially-challenged individuals and loners.

The Work Environment

Programmers and analysts rarely need to interact with other people, often needing only their computers to perform their tasks. Some companies even allow some of their IT specialists to work remotely, only retaining a skeleton crew for on-site emergencies. You’ll still need to come in a couple of days a week, but you can do most of your work at home or a coworking space of your choice. Working from home is an excellent perk, eliminating the need for long commutes and appropriate attire.

A career in programming is a great option. It only takes a few weeks of intensive training, and you can be earning $100,000 or more in just a few years.

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