Planning Pointers for a Holistically Healthy Retirement

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Retirement — Some folks look forward to it. Others dread it. But inevitably, we will all get there. The mixed emotions and reactions regarding retirement are understandable as it still involves a certain level of unpredictability.

Plus, there’s the fact that seniors and older adults today are faced with greater health challenges compared to those from twenty years ago. These health challenges include an almost 55% increase in diabetes prevalence, a 25% increase in obese cases, and a 9.2% decrease in middle-aged adults with good or excellent health conditions.

That says a lot about the time we live in. This is why retirement planning has taken on some different changes over the past two decades. It includes not just financial planning but also overall health preparation.

Advisors for senior living arrangements would know what it takes to prepare for a healthier and happier retirement. Find out about it below.

Retirement Planning’s Different Aspects

There’s more to retirement than just hanging up your gloves and doing practically nothing at home but sip on some piña coladas on your porch and watch people go by. It’s not just about finally reaping the rewards of all your years of hard work and not doing anything else.

Just because you retired doesn’t mean life stops. It goes on, and so do the challenges that go with it. In fact, to a lot of folks, retirement is a challenge that they are preparing for. Growing old may have several advantages, but it also has certain things that put you at a disadvantage in life if you’re not ready for it.

Here are a few things you can do to make sure that you enjoy each stage of your retirement healthily and happily:


Given the natural deterioration of our health as we age, we need to ensure we enter our retirement years in excellent condition. No one wants to spend retirement being stuck at home in a recliner or bed because of physical inability. The best way to address this concern is to build proper health habits. You don’t need to deprive yourself, but you need to eat right. You can indulge occasionally but make a healthy diet a considerable part of your lifestyle.

On top of that, get enough rest. Hard work is great, but don’t work yourself to an early grave. Make lifestyle adjustments that will allow you to constantly get good quality sleep. Get enough regular exercise to keep your bones and muscles strong. Old age messes up our physiology and weakens our bodies. But if we reinforce it with regular workouts, we can slow down the effects of Father Time on our bodies.


One of the things most retirees say that gets them during retirement is how they sometimes feel very lonely in life. This is quite understandable, especially if you consider that before retirement, they have been constantly surrounded by people all their lives. Now that they’re already in retirement, certain relational constants have been taken out of the picture.

But just because you’re in retirement doesn’t mean that you get cut off from the rest of the world. As early as now, start building meaningful lifelong relationships. And even when you do get to your retirement years, you can still make new friends by taking on new tasks and responsibilities such as regularly volunteering, exercising with a group, or enjoying hobbies with other hobbyists.

The point is, as early as now, to work on achieving a healthy work-life balance. It is what will help prepare you for when you finally come to your career’s end. This way, when work stops, your life doesn’t have to.


Prevent mental deterioration from taking place by constantly challenging yourself mentally. Acquire a learner’s mindset and always have a thirst for knowledge and understanding. It doesn’t matter whether it’s learning a new language, reading more, playing an instrument, picking up new hobbies and interests, getting a degree or certification, or enjoying logic-based puzzles. The important thing is you always keep your mind stimulated.



When it comes to retirement funds, the younger you get started, the more you will have by the time you retire. Consult with a financial advisor on how to go about building wealth and protecting your income. Get your finances in order while you’re still young.


Keep in mind that we are made of mind, body, soul, and spirit, so we should take good care of all four aspects of our being. A lot of people tend to focus on the first three without investing in the last element.

Wellness, mindfulness, and spirituality have become quite popular in recent years. They have helped people find meaning, purpose, and peace in life amid all the confusion and chaos that reality has to offer. Set aside regular time for meditation and reflection to realign and reorient you. Enjoy regular fellowship with people who share the same faith you have

Retirement is a reward to many, especially if you have worked hard all your life. But getting there isn’t easy. You need to ensure you have all the bases covered to enjoy retirement to the full alongside your loved ones. Prepare for it so that you get to enjoy your golden years happily and healthily.

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