Social Media Marketing: Promoting Your Video Game Online

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For decades, video games have been providing people with entertainment. And as technology continues to advance, video game development has become a million-dollar business around the world. If you’re a gaming company, you’re probably looking for ways to continue earning high profits for your new products.

As video games continue to improve, so do marketing strategies. One popular marketing tool today is social media. Gaming businesses have been using it for years to promote and sell their video games without shelling out great money. Social media offers a wide reach, allowing companies to hit the right audience for their new products. Let’s explore below how your gaming company can use social media to promote and sell your new offers.

1. Find a game tester

The first thing you should do is to have your game tested. A professional game tester can help your developers in bug classification and determining the difficulty level. They can effectively handle crucial testing stages from installation aspects, specs, game UI, and different performance-related aspects. Modern-day testing requires advanced gear.

For that reason, you should find a game tester who doesn’t only have broad experience, knowledge, and skills, but also great gear. For instance, their setup must be equipped with a high-quality mini PC powered by AMD Ryzen processors. With such equipment, you can ensure your game will be tested without hiccups or graphic problems.

2. Create an exciting trailer

After getting your game tested, it’s now time to create an amazing trailer for your new video game. Trailers, just like in movies, are a way to excite the people about your new offer. It helps you reach your target audience and inform them about your game’s genre and other details about it. A good game trailer should draw out anticipation, energy, excitement, and enthusiasm.

Post on all your social media channels and other sites that allow video sharing. If you have a bit of an extra budget, investing in paid social media advertising would be worth it. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram offer affordable paid advertising that can make your video content more viral.

video game

3. Don’t forget to collaborate

Collaboration is an important part of promoting a video game. Find influencers and bloggers who can create and share content about your game. Their own social content should be relevant to your target audience. You don’t need a lengthy presentation for your pitch. Make your pitch short and precise. After all, most influencers and bloggers are busy.

If you already have ready or posted content that needs further promotion, include the content link on your pitch. You should also provide links to your own website and social media sites so the people you’ve collaborated with can find all the details they need.

4. Host live-streaming events

Social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram offer live-streaming features that you can use to promote your new video game. Gamers are always looking for new products to try. By live streaming, you can inform those gamers of news about your new offer and launches. For instance, you can utilize reels on Instagram to share informative and fun content with the fans and even edit those reels with ease. Other social media platforms you can use include Twitch, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

5. Know every social media platform

Applying the best practices of social media platforms is necessary regardless if you have a big marketing team or have limited-resource. Choose the social media platforms that work best for your target audience and your goals. For connecting with a gaming community, YouTube is the best place to start. If your top priority is giving day-to-day updates or breaking news to your audience, you can use Twitter.

For sharing user-generated content about your new game such as cosplay photography or fan art, go for Instagram. As for the convenient creation of ads and other offers, you can try Facebook.

6. Make it easy to download

The last crucial aspect to check is if your game is easy to download, especially for early testers or game streamers. Include a link to your new game in your blog, updates shared posts or any content that you share with your target consumers or fan base. The download link should be easy to see and can quickly bring the users to the download page. If the users or potential players will have a hard time downloading even your game’s beta version, they surely won’t be interested in its official release.

From broad reach to affordable marketing options, social media platforms can be a cost-effective way for gaming companies to promote and sell. Use the power of social media to maximize the potential to build interest and sales for your new video game. Follow these techniques for a better social campaign.

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