The Adoption Process: Facts for Parents

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In the hit ‘90s series Friends, two of the main characters, Monica and Chandler Bing were told that having their own biological child would be impossible. This is why they opted to adopt a baby to complete their family.

The whole process of adopting a child would be too much to show on television. But some of the most fundamental challenges of having one was highlighted such as dealing with social services, the agony of waiting, and how a couple’s life can change once a baby comes into the family.

While the Bings had it easy and had a successful adoption process, not everyone is as fortunate. Attorneys in Greenwood, Indiana can help with the process. However, it is your responsibility as a couple to understand what you are getting into before actually jumping into the waters.

Understand the adoption process

The adoption process varies from one state to another. This is one of the reasons why it pays to have a skilled attorney who can guide you through the whole process. It would also be helpful to decide early on whether you are going for a domestic or international one.

Obviously, adopting internationally would require more documents, preparation, and budget as compared to adopting locally.

Be prepared for the expenses

Raising a child does not come cheap. But before you get yourself all hyped up with buying baby clothes and decorating your nursery, make sure you have enough budget for the whole adoption process. The entire process can take months or even years.

Thus, before deciding to adopt, it is important to set aside enough budget to use for the adoption, for your daily life, and for the day that you will finally be able to raise a child.

Be really ready to be a parent

Being a parent is not easy. It is even more challenging when you do not have the 9 months to mentally and physically prepare for this new chapter in your life. To make the whole adoption process easier and successful, it is a must that you and your spouse are ready to be parents and embrace the entire ride.

The fun part: Prep your home to welcome a new addition to the family

The fun part comes when things are finalized, and you will get to bring home your child. Preparing the nursery, baby proofing your home, or fixing a new room (if you are adopting an older child) is both exciting and overwhelming.

But, for most parts, it is fun as it serves as a validation that, finally, the whole adoption process is successful and is coming to an end.

Expect emotional challenges

Child hugging mother

Being an adoptive mother does not stop when you get your child. In fact, it is just the start of a whole new different journey. There will be various kind of emotional challenges involved in raising an adopted child. And as a parent, it pays to be patient and learn to handle the situation as you go through it.

Adoption is not easy, but it is definitely a fulfilling chapter in one’s life and a life-changing one for every child.

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