The Risks of Starting a Game Development Company

Gamer with controller

Gamer with controller

  • The gaming industry is worth $384 billion and continues to grow, but it is highly competitive.
  • Starting a game development company requires substantial investments of both money and time.
  • Technical management skills are needed for successful game development.
  • Slow development processes and marketing limitations may challenge the success of the project.
  • Investing in the latest game engine, hiring the right personnel, implementing SEO, forming partnerships, and more can help you get ahead in the game development industry.

Starting a game development company can be exciting for anyone fascinated by the gaming industry. It is an increasingly profitable industry that has been growing steadily for a few years now, but like any other business venture, it comes with its own set of risks that must be assessed carefully before diving in.

The Growth of The Gaming Industry

The gaming industry has become one of the largest industries in the world. It's estimated that the industry is worth $384 billion and will continue to grow as technology develops. With this growth comes an opportunity to enter the market with potentially huge profits, but it also means more competition from established players. Here are the risks involved in starting a game development company.

Investment and Financial Risks

One of the most significant risks of starting a game development company is the investment required. This type of venture requires a substantial amount of investment, including not just the cost of developing the game but also the cost of marketing it. It’s not just the initial costs; game development is time-consuming, so the investment concerns will persist for months, if not years. Building a profitable game usually takes multiple releases, increasing the financial risks.

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The gaming industry is relatively new, and, as such, it has a lot of players. This means that your game development company will be in stiff competition with other companies that have well-established brand names. If you’re not taking the right measures to stand out from the bunch, your game may not thrive and may not establish its rightful place in the industry.

Technical Management Risks

Game development comes with technical challenges that need to be assessed to make the product quality and unique. As the owner or co-owner of the game development company, your team (and you) is expected to have in-depth knowledge of technical and digital development aspects to develop and deliver a game that can quickly catch the attention of gamers.

Slow Development Process

Game development doesn't happen overnight. The process involves a lot of stages, from planning to the actual programming to the testing and the final stages of releasing the game. These stages usually take time, and it’s easy to delay release and slow down the entire process. This can also increase costs and deferred revenue (if your game is subscription-based).

Marketing Limitations

Although a game title may be extremely popular and a resounding success, marketing may pose a great challenge for your company. Advertising outside the gaming community or to casual gamers may be tricky as they are not the primary market. As such, your marketing strategies will face a significant obstacle, limiting visibility and exposure.

How to Get Ahead

When starting a game development company, you must start by getting ahead. Here are some tips that'll help you do that:

Invest in The Most Latest Game Engine

Game engines can be expensive, but they are the foundation of game development. Investing in the most recent and powerful engine will give you more control over your game development and faster delivery times. The latest game engine is Unreal Engine 4, an ideal choice for various games.

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Hire the Right Personnel

Hiring the right personnel is essential to creating a successful game development company. You need experienced developers in game design, programming, and other aspects necessary to create a high-quality project. They should also be passionate about the game you're making.


Your game's development must be on the front page of search engines, no matter what. Search engine optimization services are crucial for your company's success. These services can ensure that your game's website and other content are visible to potential gamers, increasing your chances of success.

Look For Partnerships

Partnerships with other experienced developers can help you leverage existing resources and skills while giving you access to their networks.

Test Your Ideas With Focus Groups

Focus groups are a great way to get feedback on concepts and suggestions on improving them before releasing them for public consumption. This way, you increase the chances of success when launching your product.

Be Flexible

Game development is an ever-changing process that involves multiple iterations and adjustments until the perfect version is created. As such, having a team that's open to change and flexible can help you make the most out of your development process.

These are just some of the risks associated with starting a game development company, but if you do your research and have a strong team backing you up, there's no reason why you should fail. Once you succeed, you can expect to reap the rewards in the form of financial and creative success.



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