Twitter Marketing: Dead Air Or Advertising Wonderland?

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Social media has become an extension of our lives, and many people will silently nod in agreement if we were to ask if checking their socials was among the first things they do in the morning. In fact, it has gotten so big that we continue to see a rise in active users across social media platforms, making it one of the most accessible ways of reaching and advertising to consumers at a more personal level.

However, despite the proliferation of social media marketing strategies, it appears that a lot of companies and personal brands still fail to hit the mark and miss entirely. And one such social media platform that many businesses constantly misunderstand is Twitter, one of the premier platforms for connection and interaction across the globe. So, today we’ll be going over the prospect of Twitter Marketing, deciding whether it’s something you should invest in or something that doesn’t match well with your company.

Twitter Is Home To A Younger Audience

One of the strongest advantages that should compel you to invest in Twitter marketing and building your brand identity on this social media platform is the capacity to reach within arm’s length all the younger audiences like Millenials and Gen Z’s. Sure, Twitter may not be home to the largest user base, but it does house the most active demographic, making it score extra points in potential conversion rates.

  • Good Audience Engagement: There’s just something to Twitter’s interface that allows you to receive immediate feedback and strong engagement with your target audience. And, the way comments, retweets, and simple likes are set-up make it super straightforward to understand the analytics behind the numbers. Plus, customers love it when brands directly talk with them because it makes them feel closer than usual.
  • Humanizes A Brand: Big-name brands and companies always seem so far and out of reach, and despite seeing them available on the shelves or availing their services on a monthly basis, there’s never a sense of humanity when staring at logos alone. However, with the help of Twitter and connecting with your target audience directly, it helps humanize a brand and make them more appealing to the consumers.

Twitter & Trends

Apart from being a capital for the younger demographic, Twitter has a way of always being on top of trends and the latest news. So, for personal brands and companies that want to catch the wave early, whether being memes or crucial social movements, there’s no better place to know what’s happening than on Twitter.

  • Staying Updated: At the core of social media is the concept of staying updated in this globalized world, and in this age of information, being first to the info gives you an edge against your competitors. From current geopolitical events to funny TikTok videos, all it takes is a careful eye to ride any viral sensation to put companies on the trending page.
  • Global Reach: Much like any social media platform, Twitter gives you a global reach and access to an audience that spans all corners of the world. As a result, whether you revolve inside the home automation industry or outsourcing services landscape, Twitter lets you tap into uncharted waters and many different markets.

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But, When Is It Ineffective As A Marketing Platform?

Of course, regardless of the above-mentioned advantages, it also has its shortcomings that we should acknowledge. And, much like any other social media platform, it doesn’t offer a cookie-cutter solution for all your marketing objectives. So, it’s best we account for the disadvantages before drawing any conclusions.

#1 Not Your Target Demographic

While we appreciate the fact that you get to engage with Millenials and Gen Z, not all companies revolve around this target demographic. As a result, investing in Twitter marketing for the purpose of converting clicks to customers will only prove to be lackluster. So, unless your target audience matches with the active demographic on Twitter, then it might not be the best idea to focus largely on this platform.

#2 Not A Personal Brand

Yes, Twitter has the effect of humanizing your brand, but if it isn’t an image or business that has the capacity to be humanized in the first place, then you lose out on a lot of benefits. Twitter has a natural inclination toward more personal brands because it’s much easier to create a personality and image among your audience. So, if you revolve around the B2B landscape, then it’s more difficult to pull off.

#3 Thrives On Multi-Channel Marketing

Last but not least is the concept of social media multi-channel marketing. Although Twitter itself is an effective platform on its own, it also thrives on linking with other socials like YouTube videos, newsletters, Instagram, and the like. So, if you don’t already have these profiles set-up beforehand, then you’re losing out on a lot of conversions and require more work than expected.

Tweet Your Way To The Top

Overall, Twitter is an effective platform for advertising when used in the right context, so weigh the opportunity costs and see where it lies in the spectrum of good and bad for your company. And don’t forget to reference and see how big-name companies manage to maintain their digital profile to use as a benchmark to tweet your way to the top.

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