Underrated Jobs in the Tech Industry

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In recent years, the tech industry’s growth has been unstoppable, not to mention massive. People have come to understand that one of society’s ridiculed groups, the “geeks,” is in fact in charge of this movement towards the digital space.

“The future is digital.” This is probably a line that has been said in one too many conferences, but we cannot overstate the truth. This might also be the reason why people are flocking to get into tech jobs.

Tech companies offer job positions ranging from sales agent to ServiceNow implementation specialists. The employment opportunities accommodate students from diverse academic fields.

However, the mainstream computer programmer or data science engineer positions take our eyes away from the plethora of employment opportunities that the field offers. Hopefully, this article will help someone out there in their career. So without further ado, here are some underrated positions in the tech industry:

Public Relations Specialist

Whether they are tech giants like Google or young companies like Lyft, public relations will always be essential in their success. This position requires someone adept in communication both within the organization as well as with external entities. They usually contact media platforms such as newspapers, TV, radio, and social media to feature the company in a positive aspect. The position would also require someone who can brainstorm creative ways to negate bad press. If you happen to be someone who loves maintaining and promoting the image of a company through various releases, this might be the job for you.

Content Specialist

Graphic designer editing photosCreatives are welcome too! A general mindset that the public seems to have about tech companies is that they are composed exclusively of the left-brainers; logical, evidence-driven, nerdy, the list goes on and on, but it boils down to one image, the science-savvy dude. In fact, these companies have one whole department dedicated to their creatives. These are the folks in charge of what you see and what you read; either through their apps or websites. They generate traffic and directly influence consumer behavior.

These can be writers, graphic designers, game designers, or the like. To some extent, tech companies might expect these people to have some knowledge about the back-end process of a website, but if not, they would provide training. So if you’re someone who loves expressing your creativity and using that to inspire other people. This might be the job for you.

Implementation Specialist

The job position might sound eerie at first. It’s reminiscent of someone who will impose justice on the guilty. In reality, they’re the people who deal with the clients directly. Job requirements include assisting the clients in using the company product (i.e., technical systems, software, or hardware) Hence, the term implementation. This also means that interpersonal skills are essential for the work required since they will be handling the clients. It might be tough for the company to address client needs if the implementation specialist lacks proper communication or fails to establish an appropriate client-provider relationship.

A company that offers tech services does not operate solely on the brains of those who create innovative solutions to our digital problems. It is made up of multiple departments that work together in keeping the company standing.

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