Understanding the Manufacturing Marketing Industry

When it comes to manufacturing marketing, many agencies excel. They often have very similar metrics that they use to measure marketing campaigns, allowing them to determine a very real ROI for their clients. This helps to set them apart and make them powerhouses within their industry. The speaker in this video discusses the campaigns he’s used, the metrics he’s tracked, and the successes he’s seen.

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Currently, manufacturing marketing is an untapped field as many industrial companies are more old school and may not know the best ways to market themselves. Marketing agencies come into play here to promote these manufacturers and warehouses to other companies within relevant sectors to increase business. The best methods of doing so are often search engine marketing and landing page marketing.

Search engine marketing is fantastic to reach the exact right people. It uses keywords in Google to broadcast the company to anyone searching specifically for those services. an agency will set up a campaign, and then track metrics like click-through, bounce rate, and more to determine efficacy. If all goes well, the business should see growth.

This is a great way to market most businesses, but especially those in the manufacturing sector. It’s very quiet currently, meaning competition is low, and there is a lot of space to reach many new clients.

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