Win the Fight with Arthritis in the Kitchen with Anti-Inflammatory Ingredients

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The kitchen can be a great starting point to gain a huge win against arthritis. Inflammation plays a big role in the pathological processes behind the different types of arthritis. To ease the pain and inflammation, you’d want to check out the following suggestions.

Not a cure

Firstly, it is important to highlight that foods and nutritional supplements do not cure arthritis. No matter how well you eat or how much anti-inflammatory ingredients you put in your meals, you’d have to undergo medical and orthopedics here in Provo rehabilitation treatment to manage symptoms.

Nevertheless, choosing the right ingredients can help ease the pain and swelling. Research studies have shown that certain dietary modifications can improve symptoms and quality of life.

How foods improve arthritis symptoms

When you eat plenty of greens daily, you are adding anti-inflammatory ingredients to your diet. This is good if you have arthritis because the joint damage that gives rise to pain and swelling is a by-product of an ongoing inflammatory process.

The affected joint/s would incur less damage by lessening the degree of inflammation. In addition to anti-inflammatory foods, your daily diet must contain essential nutrients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. These nutrients protect your joints from impairment. Anti-oxidants are beneficial, as well.

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Saturated fats and inflammation

Certain foods are known to contain saturated fats. Some of the vital food groups in this category are red meat and dairy products. Saturated fats are known to sustain inflammatory reactions. They are also directly associated with high blood cholesterol levels.

The body needs saturated fats, but extensive amounts could be harmful. Ideally, saturated fats should comprise only 10% of the daily caloric intake, or 20 grams or less per day.

Red meat, dairy, and coconut oil

Red meat and dairy products have high saturated fat content. Frying and grilling red meat increase the amount of an anti-inflammatory agent known as advanced glycation end products (AGE). For these reasons, you’d have to find an alternative to red meat to reduce flare-ups of arthritis pain and joint inflammation.

High-fat dairy products also contain AGEs and may induce inflammation. Besides Greek yogurt, nutritionists recommend consuming high-fat cheese, mayonnaise, and butter cautiously. By changing what you consume daily, you are helping your body systems to cope more effectively with arthritis.

The anti-inflammatory properties of coconut oil put it on a list of its own. It’s classified as saturated fat, but its medium-chain fatty acids are processed differently. Learn more about coconut oil and other fat alternatives. You need fats in your diet to a certain extent but use one with anti-inflammatory properties.

Is it worth thinking about and planning what you eat? Yes, it is. Arthritis pain can be intense and disabling. The pain will not relent when inflammatory processes are still ongoing. To protect your joints from further damage, consider revamping your daily menu.

Avoid ingredients known to cause inflammation, and eat balanced and nutritious meals.

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