Dental Care Pointers New Parents Should Remember

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Raising a child can be a lot of work, and many of the habits and practices that we engrain in their childhood are the core blocks that eventually make up the foundation of their adulthood in terms of both personality and health. One of the most important things to get a good head start on is dental care, from the moment they get their baby teeth forming. It’s not hard to find a suitable pediatric dentist in Singapore these days, but it can still help to know what things you can cover at home.

Here are some pointers for parents on how to best care for their kids’ teeth:

  • Start getting them used to daily brush time early on.

It all begins with forming a habit that they get used to and don’t mind integrating into their daily activities from a young age. A way to keep this going even as they enter their toddler years is to make toothbrushing time more engaging for them. Allow them to pick out their own toothbrush, find fun games or songs to make the activity more appealing, and make sure they know the importance of what they’re doing with positive encouragement and fun facts.

A study has shown that habits formed in childhood become cemented by the time they are nine years old, so it’s essential to ensure that these developed traits are good ones that help their health and responsibility as they grow up.

  • Don’t get lax on the baby teeth.

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A lot of people tend to be less strict about baby teeth because it will fall off eventually and get replaced by healthier teeth for good. Not only does this waste precious time forming good oral hygiene habits, but it also opens up risks to the development of their permanent teeth and can even cause other health issues. The most crucial factor to think about is the alignment of their permanent teeth, which will rely on the placement of the baby teeth, making it more important to keep those in good condition in preparation for their successors.

Aside from that, plaque can still build up and cause issues; plus, it’s essential to have healthy teeth from the beginning as your children start to chew and talk.

  • Make dental visits a fun experience.

Fear should not prevent your child from getting important check-ups and cleaning that can help maintain their dental health as they grow up. The best way to combat this is to make trips to the dentist a fun experience that doesn’t traumatize them. Find ways to incentivize these trips and be cautious about your own perception of the dentist. Often, kids will gauge how they feel about a place based on how their parents react. So, it’s vital that you look forward to these trips and don’t instill a fear of these necessary procedures.

Simply following these fundamental pointers can help you take care of your child’s teeth during these important developmental years. You don’t have to worry about their dental progress if you have this in your arsenal.

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