Sue or Settle? What to Know as a Car Incident Victim

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Every single day across the United States, at least 16,000 car accidents bringing suffering to those involved and extensive damage to property. In many cases, it also results in a loss of life. Each year, the total number of motor vehicle incidents is at least six million cases.

More than 260 million motor vehicles ply the roads, streets, and highways of America. In 2016 alone, 2.2 million injuries and at least 34,000 fatalities were recorded as a result of vehicle-related collisions and other seemingly odd occurrences, such as a tree falling on a car.

For victims of these unfortunate events, the love of family, attention provided by doctors for those who suffered injuries, and the advice of the car accident lawyer are what often helps them move on with life.

Being a victim in a car crash is a grave matter. It is more than just a major inconvenience, but a severe problem that could cost a precious human life. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 94 percent of all car crash accidents are due to human error. In simple terms, it is rooted in negligence and irresponsibility, such as drunk and distracted driving.

Despite the statistic about human error, many incidents still need to be taken to court. Many erring drivers refuse to acknowledge their misconduct, even to the point of blaming the victims themselves. That is especially the case for drunk drivers who, due to their heavy intoxication, could not remember any details of the crash or why they got involved in it in the first place. With denials from the unrepentant erring driver and the victim still seeking justice and compensation, the next logical step is to take the case to court.

Sue or Settle?

In what can only be termed as inexplicable, some victims even have trouble deciding whether to pursue legal action or just find a settlement with the erring driver.

For some, going to court is too much trouble. Conferring with lawyers, appearing before the judge, and confronting the other party in a legal tussle all seems too time-consuming and emotionally stressful. The legal process does and will take time off from work or business; that’s for sure.

But the stakes are high, and car crash victims who got compensated know that it’s worth it.

Why You Should Consult a Lawyer Immediately

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Getting the services of a lawyer who specializes in vehicular accident claims is always a good, first option. The injuries, follow-up doctor visits, medications, and physical therapy required to fully recover from a serious car crash entail such an enormous cost in dollars, not to mention time lost. A report from the National Safety Council says that in 2018, car crashes, including fatalities and damage, resulted in losses worth more than $400 Billion.

Furthermore, the US Department of Justice data indicates that more than 60 percent of tort trials are related to car crashes, which means that suing for damages and other forms of compensation is indeed a viable, legal option that generally yielded positive outcomes for the complainant.

While there are variations in the application of laws from state to state, personal injuries sustained by the victim are definitely among the main reasons for filing the lawsuit, more than the property damage.

Assuming proper medical attention has been given and the victim is physically and psychologically capable of addressing the legal implications of any car incident and injury, consulting a lawyer is the next logical step.

The clear advantages of having legal representation include the following:

  • It allows the victim to receive legal advice before the at-fault driver influences their decision due to persuasion or pressure.
  • It provides an overview of legal avenues or courses of action to take, enabling the victim to understand the process that needs to be taken to gain justice and rightful compensation for any harm or damage sustained.
  • It will help relieve mental and emotional stress in knowing that a qualified, licensed professional is ready to assist the victim throughout the legal process.

Legal Services for Other Kinds of Accidents

Not many people know that other kinds of accidents may require legal advice. A victim of pedestrian and bicycle-related accidents will also benefit from legal counsel. Some people go to a specialist law firm on motorcycle accidents, given the contentious nature of discussions related to two-wheeled crashes. Accidents involving trucks, drunk drivers, and motorists who have no insurance are also cases that undoubtedly require legal representation.

While it is advisable to remain stress-free and undisturbed, some situations, such as being a victim of a motor vehicle crash is simply a matter for the courts. The life-threatening nature of such accidents and the value of damage after are too much to let pass by.

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