Protecting Your Employees: How Far Do You Need to Go?


The Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that around 2.8 million nonfatal injuries happened in private industry workplaces in 2019. These injuries resulted in millions of lost production hours that affected different industries across the country.

These injuries affect both the employer and employee since it meant lower production levels for the company and lost wages for the worker. Therefore, companies need to work on ensuring the safety of their employees.

On the other hand, employees should also do their part and avoid behavior that can endanger them. While they can find an injury lawyer who can help them claim insurance from any accident, the compensation may not ease the pain and suffering that comes with the injury. So, it’s in the best interest of both parties to work together to prevent these accidents.

Deter Dangerous Behavior

One thing that companies can do is to deter dangerous behavior among their employees. When employees push too hard, it can result in workplace accidents. In these instances, the employees might be trying to impress their coworkers and forget safety rules in the workplace. It’s also possible that they want to increase their productivity to increase their take-home pay. There are also instances when the employees work even before they’ve fully recovered from a previous injury.

Even though companies encourage better productivity, they do not consent to let their employees risking life and limb to increase their output. In these instances, the company should highlight the importance of safety when it comes to working.

Review Safety Procedures


Companies should always stress the importance of following safety procedures at work. These safety procedures were established to safeguard the safety of employees. But there are instances when it’s necessary to change the procedures. For instance, the pandemic highlighted the importance of cleaning and disinfecting the workplace.

So, companies need to review their safety procedures regularly. An annual review of these procedures is advisable. They can also make adjustments when they acquire new equipment. Companies can also include the updated safety procedures in the training they provide for using the new equipment.

Regularly Inspect the Workplace

Aside from the procedures, companies should also inspect the workplace to prevent accidents in the workplace. These inspections also ensure that these companies follow safety guidelines set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). These inspections are particularly useful in the construction, manufacturing, and shipping industries.

Companies should inspect the facilities, equipment, and tools that the employees use for their work. They should make sure that everything at the workplace is safe for the employees to use. If any of the tools and equipment break down, the company should repair or replace them immediately.

Train the Employees Properly

Poorly trained employees typically figure in accidents more often compared to properly trained workers. Due to this, companies should make sure that they provide proper training for their employees. This is particularly true if the employees use tools and equipment that can cause serious injuries if they are not used properly.

Additionally, companies should also update their training program if there are changes in safety procedures in the company. Similarly, acquiring new equipment means the company should provide adequate training before the employees can use the equipment.

Implement Control Measures

Implementing control measures at the workplace also allows companies to avoid accidents that can injure their workers. The pandemic is a good example of this situation since the health crisis compelled companies to implement control measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

Similarly, companies should provide the necessary safety tools and equipment to their employees. Working on a computer can increase the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome for the employees. To mitigate the risk, companies can provide a wrist brace for employees who work in front of the computer the whole day. They can also allow the employees to take short breaks regularly to allow them to rest their wrists every so often.

Manage the Employees

managing employees

While some companies let their employees work with less supervision, some industries require close supervision to prevent accidents. Managing the employees ensures that the employees perform their jobs properly while they are at the workplace.

It also ensures the employees avoid accidents while working. This situation normally happens when employees improvise since they are unsure what they are supposed to do. When they do this, the employees may end up damaging the equipment and injuring themselves. This makes it important for the company to supervise its employees properly.

Keeping the employees safe in the workplace is essential to avoid bigger issues in the future.

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