What Does a Day in Process Service Look Like?

A process server will typically have busy days. It involves a lot of driving. Sometimes, it’s driving from one end of the county to another in order to serve the official documents for clients.

It’s necessary to ensure safety while doing this job. Process service professionals often wear a body camera to record anything dangerous or out-of-the-ordinary that happens. Some other things they take with them include a pad and pen, a flashlight in case they’re working at night, and an appropriate legal weapon.

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A process server takes calls throughout the day from clients. They may also talk to other process servers to discuss any challenges and their experiences of the day. It’s important to talk to others and occasionally get advice or just vent a little.

An issue that can arise is that the client doesn’t have a good address for the individual. This may mean that the process server or their agency has to trace the person’s new or real address. It can be a frustrating thing to deal with, but this is another service that some of these agencies offer. Another important part of a process server’s day is to drink a great deal of coffee while on the go.


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