What to Expect From a Commercial Pest Control Service

Did you know that a commercial pest control service treats and prevents pests in your commercial building? This involves several steps, but it’s important to note that pest control services are unique to your business. It depends on the pest, infestation, and building.

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This video will cover everything you need to know before your first visit.

A standard pest control service will apply pesticides in common areas where pests are found, including under and behind equipment. They will also carefully inspect common areas to determine if pests are present. Some professionals will utilize methods like glue traps to monitor the area for pests.

Some hard-to-reach areas can’t be visibly inspected by professionals. A pest control service will apply a long-lasting pest control solution in these areas. These solutions are specially formulated to last longer than others, helping eliminate current pests and preventing future infestations from the exact location.

Prevention methods are crucial to preventing pests from making your commercial building their new home. Professionals will utilize several solutions to control pests. They’ll spray pesticides around doors and windows. Dust is often used on windowsills to ensure pests can’t enter the building. Drain cleaning is another standard option to prevent pests like fruit flies. For more information, check out the rest of the video.


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