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Technology has changed the way we do a lot of things, from how we spend our free time to how we interact with each other. Today, it is even changing the way we work.

For decades, people in cities have always worked in offices from 9 to 5. The office was its own world with its own culture, and people would report every day and spend their hours at a desk. Technology, however, is turning all of that on its ahead, as it has shaped the rise of work-from-home and flexible-time scheduling.

Thanks to instant messaging and video chatting, it is now possible to conduct meetings or keep in touch with employees and colleagues without having to be in the same space. Cloud-based project management systems have also allowed superiors to keep track of their subordinates’ progress remotely. It has also allowed people to bring their work with them anywhere they wish.

Seeing this trend, many companies are now beginning to allow their employees to work remotely. Here are some benefits to doing the same:

1. It will reduce distractions for your employees.

The office can be a place filled with distractions, from the sounds and sights of people running around, to that one colleague who cannot seem to stop talking for a few minutes. This can lead to employees not only becoming unproductive but also drained and dissatisfied with their work environment.

Working remotely can eliminate this and gives employees the ability to choose the working environment that best suits them. This allows them to devote their full focus towards their work, thereby increasing productivity and results.

2. It will maximize your employees’ time.

On some days, employees might find themselves spending half their time at work doing unrelated or unproductive things. Moreover, some naturally work faster than others, and it is unfair to have this employee wait on the deliverables of others.

A flexible work environment allows people to maximize their time and strive for better work-life balance. Rather than spend time idly waiting for further instructions, people may use that time to pursue other passions or to spend more time with family and friends. This makes your employees not only happier but healthier and more motivated as well.

3. You’re able to hire beyond borders.

If you require people to report to an office every day, you are limiting your prospective employees to those who live in the surrounding area. Offering remote working options thus allows you to hire someone who may live on the opposite side of the country, or in another country altogether. This way, you can get the best and most qualified talents, not just those who have the time and resources to go to a physical office each day. Hence, you get to diversify your talent pool and improve your company’s overall performance. What makes this better is that this can save you money on additional office space or relocation services that you would have otherwise had to spend for.

With all the advancements in communications technology that have sprung up in recent years, it is easier than ever to implement flexible working options. Not only will this help your employees make the most of their time, but it will also show that you care about their overall well-being. In the end, this will reflect positively on your company and will only encourage the best and brightest to sign up with you.


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