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The world of business offers the brave with rewards in the form of money, customer loyalty, and reputation. But these beautiful things cannot be achieved if you do not take enough risks. The reality of business is that every move and strategy will always involve risks. However, the key to making your venture stay for a long time is to make the right calculations while you find opportunities that you can use as great foundations.

The good news is that some risks are obvious — they are easy to spot, and you need to conduct some reviews and tests to identify their effects. It’s also important to keep in mind that some risks are hidden and plain sight and will not manifest until they have wreaked havoc on your business.

Nevertheless, here are some pointers for taking calculated risks:

Always do your due diligence.

The first step that you will need to do is to do your research. Doing your due diligence will give you a view of the details and the possible effects of the step that you will take. When you see the red flags, you will be able to buy time and come up with countermeasures. To increase your odds of success, you need to leverage your resources and available data. Crunch the numbers and meet your team of analysts and decision-makers.

Identify your threshold and tolerance.

Businesspeople have risk appetite or threshold – it is basically the limit of their risk-taking bravery or gusto. Basically, the threshold or tolerance of a businessperson largely depends on the available resources. People who have large assets and income may have an affinity for more risks, knowing that they will still be left with enough resources in case they lose. When you have small resources, it is likely that you will take small risks to avoid losing big.

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Learn to say “No.”

Much has been said about the power of saying “No,” and it couldn’t be truer in the world of business. When taking risks, you should know when to stop. If you think that a specific investment will give you big rewards despite great chances of losing a great portion of your assets, you may stop for a while and reconsider. Taking risks does not always mean that you will jump at every opportunity that comes your way. You need to say “No” to some and focus on the ones that truly matter.

Set up protections

To counter the effects of possible risks, you may want to set up protections that will keep your business from losing big time. There is a reason why big companies diversify their business interests or why they have their own insurance companies and even captive insurance lawyers. All these moves are designed to protect them from significant losses.

Risk-taking is the norm.

Risks and rewards are the constant dynamics of the business world. You may realize that rewards usually happen when you’ve taken enough risks. However, that does not mean that every opportunity should be taken. You need to be smart and cautious, too if you want to win this game of probability.

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