Mobile Marketing: Three Ways to Attract More Mobile Users

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Every passionate marketer or business owner wants access to the latest and effective marketing strategy. In turn, print and signage are businesses are finding ways to introduce the latest advertising technology. One example is laser machining manufacturers that offer laser cutting and engraving machines for sale that provide priceless customization on marketing materials.

While print advertising has proven its power in attracting in-store customers, digital marketing has taken over the internet by converting website visitors and social media users into buying customers. People’s increasing reliance on smartphones inspired marketers to use mobile technology to target the younger population. A large percentage of millennials and Gen Zs own a mobile phone, so it’s about time to explore its capabilities in helping brands grow.

Marketing has gone fully mobile. People use their smartphones to search for information, share and consume digital content, buy products, hail cars, and other forms of consumer behavior. Given the many opportunities of mobile technology in terms of marketing, it’s important to optimize your marketing strategies designed for mobile users. With this in mind, we’ll talk about powerful ways to optimize your mobile marketing to reach more customers.

Create a mobile-optimized website

Are you aware of how your website performs on smartphones? Remember, your website as the digital storefront of your business and is the place where your potential customers discover information about your brand. Thus, the user experience of your website should be as smooth as possible.

A responsive website is key to boost search engine rankings and improve customer experience. But what does being responsive mean? A website becomes responsive if it is practically, attractively, and correctly seen on a wide range of devices. Performance issues, such as slow loading times, will significantly reduce the conversion rate, upsetting visitors in the process. Mobile users expect website pages to load in less than two seconds. Exceeding more than that will drive people away and turn to your competitors instead.

If you’re using your website to sell a product, make sure to eliminate elements that affect its loading speed. Remove inactive plugins, format images, and upload videos on a different platform to avoid using up resources.

Make it a habit to check the performance and speed of your website. Try doing test runs by navigating the checkout page, scrolling the blog, and opening it using other mobile devices. If your website is performing well, you have a greater chance of earning mobile leads.

Upload relevant content and blog articles

Google doesn’t necessarily penalize a website if it’s not responsive enough. If a website offers relevant, engaging, and high-quality content, the website will still rank and appear using a mobile search.

Get to know your customers more by conducting surveys that ask about their age, interests, hobbies, lifestyle, and jobs. If your company is selling home cleaning items, then it’s likely your customers are interested in home improvements, cleaning products, and decluttering tips. The key is to write something that will pique their interest and engage with your brand more.

While it matters to have a fast-loading website, you should also focus on uploading mobile-friendly content to make visitors stay longer. A great tip is to write short, concise articles broken up into headings and bullet points and incorporate images and other multimedia content. Breaking up information into bite-sized chunks makes it readable and easy to understand. Otherwise, huge chunks of text are the fastest way to lose visitors.

Organized formatting and shorter paragraphs allow mobile visitors to scroll quickly and scan posts. Don’t forget to include call-to-action buttons, easy-to-click links, and ordered lists to create more condensed content.

Utilize other media channels

Mobile marketing strategy doesn’t stop on your website. It also involves other channels in your marketing campaign, such as mobile applications and social media platforms. If you want consistent results, explore the world outside your website.

The U.S. Mobile App Report shared that Americans are likely to spend their mobile time on applications. But this doesn’t mean that you need an exclusive application for your brand. You can simply boost your mobile presence in other social media applications, such as Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. But make sure your brand profile on these platforms is complete and updated.

Mobile marketing offers unique opportunities for brands to reach their target customers, particularly the young ones. If you want to stay on top of your marketing game, it’s essential to always put mobile users in mind. Taking note of our strategies above will help you take advantage of the rewarding benefits of mobile marketing.

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