Technology as a Profitable Opportunity for Investors This 2021

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The technology sector has always been a hot area for investment. But this 2021, the sector has become even more alluring, more attractive, and more relevant as various companies are racing to develop and roll out technologies that would dominate the future. From artificial intelligence to self-driving cars, technologies that would redefine countless industries in the future are now being developed at giant tech companies’ labs. By having a headstart with these technologies, investors are confident that these technologies would be a secured source of revenues in the future.

With this, let us now look at the technologies from companies investors are eyeing as these would soon redefine countless industries in the future.

Artificial Intelligence

AI has a massive potential to bring significant changes in various industries. It is specifically developed to mimic human intelligence that would enable it to perform jobs that humans traditionally do. We’re now having a glimpse of what it can do with available AIs on the market, such as Siri and Alexa. While these current AIs are undoubtedly impressive, this technology is just starting to take off, and it’s on its way to bring more high-tech capabilities to the market.

Two aspects of Artificial Intelligence are slowly but surely being applied in different industries: these are Deep Learning and Machine Learning. Data scientists are developing deep learning to create Artificial Intelligence that can mimic human’s ability to learn. On the other hand, Machine Learning is a type of AI that can learn without having a program or command inputs. With these AIs, the world can soon have more efficient and intelligent machines, which can bring better and stunning results.


One thing’s for sure, the smartphone industry has already reached its peak, but the demand for smart handheld devices would not wane any time soon. It has transformed how we do things in different industries. Students can attend classes online using the Zoom app. You can even apply for bail bonds¬†with agents who are accessible 24/7. As people’s lives and careers revolve around mobility, the need for faster and better smartphones would always be ‘hot.’ People are also always on the lookout for thinner smartphones with faster processors, higher resolutions sharper camera quality. Thus, the market for them would remain active in the years to come.


This technology runs behind bitcoin and other digital currencies, and as everybody knows, these currencies are getting more and more popular every day. One important thing to note here is that cryptocurrencies wouldn’t remain a fad because there are crystal clear indications that they would dominate the future. With this, cryptocurrencies certainly have an immense potential that you would clearly see in the years to come. And that’s what makes blockchain technology an even more important technology.

Aside from being known as the tech behind bitcoin, this technology is actually a technology that independently records various financial transactions, making these records impossible to forge or tweak. Through this technology, the trust between transactions would undoubtedly get high, and transparency would increase. Since it can manage and record transactions independently, there would be no need for traditional third-party entities such as banks to safeguard and be a gatekeeper of millions of delicate financial transactions throughout the world.

Self-Driving Tech

Self-driving technology had a bumpy start, which involved many failed street tests and accidents, but there’s no doubt that self-driving cars would be the norm in the future. There’s also no sign that this tech would be a mere fad as big companies worldwide, including Google and Tesla, are investing heavily to create safe and intelligent autonomous cars. Since the demand for self-driving cars would certainly increase in the future, various car manufacturers (and non-car manufacturers like Apple) would surely jump on the bandwagon to get a slice of this would-be lucrative market.

Internet of Things

In the future, the objects we use every day would be connected to the Internet to increase their efficiency. This may sound like something from a sci-fi movie, but it is an authentic thing called the Internet of Things. It would be a massive industry in the future as more and more companies are releasing products (aside from smartphones, laptops, and tablets) that can interact with the Internet, like refrigerators. As people realize the efficiency of objects or appliances connected to the Internet, the demand for them would undoubtedly increase, which would create a new battleground for major global corporations.


As more and more things are being connected to the Internet, the demand for more versatile cybersecurity protections would also increase. That is why the cybersecurity industry in the future would be more vibrant today as existing cybersecurity companies would indeed compete to release advanced and more sophisticated software that would meet their customers’ demands.


Aside from the significant investments and efforts that the companies are pouring on various technologies mentioned earlier, one more great thing about these companies is that they offer great opportunities, both for rookies and seasoned investors.

Multinational companies allow them to participate in their success through stocks that will enable investors to leverage their success and dominance on their specific markets. Since the technologies we’ve mentioned above have immense potential in the future, these would be profitable ventures for companies that invest and develop them right now.

But of course, as every seasoned investor knows, the technologies that companies are investing in shouldn’t be the only factor to consider when investing. Other crucial factors to look at, like the valuation, forward earnings’ projection, and free cash flow, would provide a better picture for investors if a company is indeed worth investing in. Indeed, the emerging technologies mentioned earlier are one of the main reasons why the tech sector would be more profitable in the future. Of course, one of the reasons investors should dive in as early as now.

As with any venture, it is the early investors and supporters that are being rewarded the most. This goes beyond their early support and confidence. It is also because of their ability to spot a massive opportunity before everyone else.

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