Tips for Successfully Selling and Closing Deals

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Whether you’re working in a physical retail store or selling over the phone or the internet, there are things you need to learn to become more effective. B2B and B2C customers alike rely on salespeople to inform and influence their decision. So if you want to succeed as a salesperson and close as many deals as you can, here are some tips you can follow:

1. Be confident and consistent

The keys to good old salesmanship are confidence and consistency. It’s a relentless pursuit of improving your technique, mastering what works, and growing your confidence as you go along. Being consistent also means having a good work ethic. Without these two essential traits, it would be harder to convince people to buy since they’re counting on you to influence and inform their decision.

2. Dress to impress

Whether we like it or not, a person’s looks can be a big contributing factor in person-to-person selling. But that doesn’t mean that your success will solely rely on how good-looking you are. Most of the time, it’s how you conduct and present yourself. So it’s important to invest in clothing and footwear that look professional and well-made. When it comes to makeup and accessories, keep it simple and minimal. Your smile is your best accessory, so if you’re not feeling confident about your smile, consider getting aesthetic treatments such as teeth whitening and dental crown procedures.

3. Believe in your product (and yourself)

In the world of e-commerce and impersonal retail, traditional selling has become more challenging. It might be harder for you to close on a sale right away as consumers would want to explore other options first. While this can be discouraging for some, believing in your product and yourself could go a long way. However mundane or competitive your product is, the way you sell it could help set it apart from the rest.

4. Set goals and follow-through

In this day and age, it’s important to be a data-driven salesperson. In addition to hitting quotas, you should also set evidence-based and time-bound goals. Know your sales-closing ratio and work to close 30% of your sales-qualified leads. The higher this number gets, the better your presentations are becoming.

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5. Serve first before selling

Consumers nowadays no longer have patience for aggressive selling. They crave authentic experiences and products that really provide value. Make a good first impression by getting to know your customer, even those who aren’t too accommodating. Identify a pain point and build on that first. Then, gradually introduce your product and how it can address that pain point. If you’re selling in a stall or kiosk where people usually pass by, make customers stay by keeping them entertained or comfortable. It could be as simple as offering a seat, a live demo of the product, or a drink or some treats.

6. Practice selling something you hate

The best salespeople can sell anything, from a luxury car down to a humble pen. But exceptional salespeople can sell even the products they hate. If you want to improve your selling, practice selling anything you hate with a family member or friend. Keep doing this until you get better at it. If you’re feeling bold, you can take products that aren’t selling well and try to close as many deals as you can.

7. Listen and pay attention

Customers are wary of salespeople who do all the talking as it sometimes comes off as desperate. What you should do instead is listen and pay attention. Ask open-ended questions to get your customers to share personal details that can help you close the deal. Before you know it, your customer is doing the convincing themselves. Plus, listening more makes you more personable and empathetic, which customers love.

8. Keep it simple and authentic

Successful selling doesn’t look like selling at all. It’s showing that you care about your customers and helping improve their lives with your product. When selling a house, for example, you don’t need to go over the nitty-gritty of the house and convince buyers how the house is worth every penny if you’re able to make them imagine how their life will be like once they move in. This rule applies even when you’re selling luxury items or a simple bar of soap. It’s important to be honest and sincere to avoid overpromising or falling short of expectations.

The journey to becoming an exceptional salesperson can be long and difficult, but it will get easier if you master these steps. Before you know it, you’re hitting sales quotas and getting hefty commissions.

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